For retail businesses, Acurus has exceptional experience in designing national private networks that are tailored to your organisation’s needs – improving productivity and performance while reducing costs. This all starts with a conversation about what content you need to deliver across your networks, the location of delivery points and available technology.

Our Hybrid Retail Networks design can ensure real improvements on key retail components including:

  • Network performance
  • Network reliability
  • Management and support
  • Customer care
  • Redundancy
  • Customer confidence
  • Ongoing costs.

Hybrid Retail is a fully managed national private network, which provides all layer 3 network design, router configuration, real-time monitoring, and ongoing network management. This solution offers a more comprehensive support package than standard ISPs, providing support right down to the application layer of the network. This allows us to troubleshoot performance issues or unscheduled outages within minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks.

Acurus network management tools place the Hybrid Retail solution head and shoulders above traditional WAN offerings. Our deep dive traffic analysis tools can examine the flow of traffic into data centres, intranet and internet links. This assists IT helpdesk services with troubleshooting tasks such as identifying an individual computer’s use of bandwidth and applications, or identifying which services are running over the network.

Acurus provides our customers with real-time high-level management dashboards that can be customised to represent IT resources geographically – such as logical Visio diagrams – or as actual photographs of racks, switches, routers, servers etc.