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Hybrid Retail Network

Superior network design proven to reduce costs
and improve performance for the retail market
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IT Consulting

It all starts with a conversation. You have great ideas and we have real world experience to share with you. Let's discuss your next IT project.

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Does cloud computing make sense to you?

Companies are struggling to make sense of cloud computing. Call us to discuss whether it makes sense for your business.

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Introducing Anex

If you’re an Energy, Health, Insurance or Retail brand with a large consumer base,
our ISP-as-a-Service Platform allows you to expand your product catalogue,
retain customers and increase average revenue per customer
– all without compromising your core business.

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NBN and Traditional
ADSL Services

Customer Support
Credit and Hardship Services
Billing Enquiries

Technical Support for all
Services and Devices

CRM, IVR and Payment
Gateway Services

Billing Platform for
all services

Content Enablement
- High Quality OTT
Content Delivery
- Latest Movies and Music
On Demand

Energy Efficiency

Home Automation

Meet Tomi, our first
ISP-as-a-Service customer.

Tomi is a new kind of broadband provider, offering the same high-speed, high-quality service as the big guys — but with smarter plans and lower prices.

Through a strategic partnership, Acurus has assisted in the build and national launch of Tomi Broadband. Using our ISP-as-a-Service Platform, we are providing Tomi with provisioning, support, billing and integration services.

To find out more about Tomi, visit their site.

Hybrid Cloud Connect

Acurus provides the best network technologies today. We know the safest possible path to cloud adoption. Acurus combines this knowledge into a simple solution to help Australian business customers with a no-risk cloud adoption journey. Acurus has created Hybrid Cloud Connect.

It’s a business grade network connection used for day to day business data requirements; it has a feature that allows you to connect directly into Amazon’s AWS Cloud Platform. It comes with a real-time dynamic tool that scales between typical internet usage and direct connection into AWS Cloud Platform on demand.

Cloud adoption must be a well-thought-out approach that happens over time, not overnight. As a no-risk, on-demand cloud migration service, Hybrid Cloud Connect allows your business to continue to expand, utilise innovative technologies and reduce costs.

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What does Acurus do?

We build and integrate innovative products and services for you to offer your customers.
They are fully customised to your brand and your current service offering,
providing your business with additional revenue streams and a happier customer experience.

We work within the following industries:

  • Utilities
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance

Who are our customers?

Our engagement model is simple.

Just give us a call and start a conversation about our services.
Or, check out our Services page to discover why we do things so well.

High Performance Utilities Billing
and Market Gateway Platforms

Acurus has consulted, built, managed and supported multiple utility billing platforms across Australia, New Zealand, United States and more recently in Sweden.

Our platforms have
serviced a total of

3.2 million

retail customers across power,
gas and water utilities.

Great Service

“Acurus is an excellent ICT firm with a team of
smart engineers and consultants. They provide a great
service and increase the value we receive from our
preferred suppliers”

IT Infrastructure Manager –
Country Road Group

Integration Capabilities

Acurus provides integration services to enable instant door to door sales for multiple organisations.

Once the consumer signs for the new service, the details are sent directly to the utility distributor to switch the consumer, the utilities retailer’s billing system and the bank. The consumer is in the system and receives a welcome pack within minutes instead of days.

Customers who have used our integration services include: